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Bees, Bees, Selfridges

The iconic Selfridges building in Birmingham uk. Stephen Calcutt has placed a graffiti stencil of a bee on its silver discs as a tribute to the bees

‘Bees, Bees, Selfridges’


Why Bees?

A few things inspired me to use  the bee image.  In and around Birmingham the Bus is often pronounced Buzz. At one point this was used in advertising the bus service with a cartoon bee.  I have also on my travels videoed a bee on the frame of a bus shelter

on a busy town road. The bee was drinking water trapped between the bus shelter frame and the window.


The bee stencil I adorned the Selfridges building with , is a digital version of an actual stencil I used as part of my BuStopia art installation.

I wanted to graffiti images on to the Perspex windows I chose a few images that I thought were positive. This included bees partly because of the current concern with the demised this important insect  The red white and blue pattern

on the bee is from my abstract photographic bus shelter work.

I chose that because of the colours association with the UK flag, I sometimes  use the red white and blue  colour reference in my other art projects just as Mod, Punk And Brit Pop artwork  for example often would include these colours in its  imagery .  


Why Selfridges?


The Selfridges building is an iconic structure that provokes  strong emotions for and against. The Attention grabbing silver discs  reminded me of the honey comb that bees produce, or perhaps the centre of flowers

that my stencil bees can bees can perch on  


When people think of nature they rarely imagine it in the heart of a city, I imagined an army of passionate protestors bringing the plight of the bee  to the attention of the city dwellers by using the Selfridges building to graffiti this swarm of bees upon its many discs.

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