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Art Wear 


You can commission a bespoke garment that is unique and made to measure please get in touch via the form below and we can talk about what you wish for. The cost of your garment will include:


  •  Design creation and consultation 


  •  Fabric printing production 

  • Tailoring 

  • Postage/delivery 






Here is an example of what the costs a tailor may  charge:

 The prices will vary dramatically depending on for example, the skills of the tailor, overheads and complexity of the garment .   




Bespoke is the most expensive as this requires more hands on  measuring for a correct fitting that will fit you precisely  

Jacket            £ 1495


Skirt               £ 395


Trousers         £ 495


Dress             £ 1150


Skirt Suit        £ 1795


Trouser Suit   £ 1895


Overcoat       £ 1395




These are  your  essential measurements not as many as bespoke but are  the prime ones and can be sent remotely. there may be some post tailoring adjustments needed which will be an extra cost. 


Jacket           £ 595


Skirt              £ 275


Trouser         £ 365


Dress           £ 375


Skirt Suit      £ 815


Trouser Suit £ 895


Blouse         £ 195


Design consultation and fabric

For example using the made to measure dress price above for the dress.  The fabric print is £50 per meter. how many meters depends on the dress style but that will easily be calculated. lets go with four meters for this so there would be an additional £200 to the cost. after the first free consultation any design work I will charge £25 hour for my time   

As stated there are many factors to consider, so please get in touch I offer a 30 minute free consultation once you have an idea

DIY package 

If you are a dab hand at tailoring/dress making then you can submit your idea and design


  • If I like what you plan to do and it encapsulates the the BuStopia concept you can purchase any type of fabric and  print at £50 a meter.


  • I can change the basic colour to suit you specifically to make it even more unique.


  • Any additional fabric design beyond the basic print, such as a  stencil pattern will need to be discussed and will be an additional  £25 per hour in its creation  




Here are  conditions of purchase 


  • If I’m happy for some one to purchase or make a garment from my fabric there are some conditions. They’re not absolute . It’s just that the design is more than just a pretty pattern so I would like that acknowledge particularly when in a social media post. I also don’t want my art associated with any particular political or religious ideology… if it’s in respect of mental health then that’s ok.  Also I would like to see the final product.



  • I’d like the garment to be photographed  worn or not , and images available to me for promotional purpose.  I’m ok with proper photo shoot to mobile phone snaps 


  • You may promote and distribute images of the garment as you wish as long as there’s some reference to my  fabrics art story and some acknowledgment of myself the artist . That could just be a quick not saying something like ‘want to know more about the story behind this print then   … '  or if you love the story then please do openly chat about it too. 



  • You may not use the fabric in association with or  to promote political or ideological beliefs. For example Fred Perry  had issues with the Proud Boys and one of their shirts this group had adopted along with the Fred Perry logo. If in doubt ask me first if I'm ok with it. You may not use my fabric in association with or to promote actions or words that are  abusive, hateful and violent.  

  • Returns or refunds  will only be accepted if there is a manufacturing  flaw in the fabric. If the garment is made to measure there may need to be some post production alterations. Therefore refund or return can only happen regards fitting if the tailor or dressmaker has not followed the customers measurements correctly. 

  • By purchasing my fabric or artwear you are agreeing to the above points.




  • I will send a Certificate of Authentication  regarding the fabric to show it’s a genuine piece of fabric by myself 


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